What to Know About Plantar Fasciitis Boot?

Plantar Fasciitis Boot

The plantar fasciitis boot acts as a cushion, protects the sole of foot (plantar fascia & deep structures) from wear & tear and aids in maintaining the normal foot mechanics when you walk. Inflammation of plantar fascia (plantar fasciitis) is the most common cause of heel pain in runners/policemen. The pain is often most severe when beginning to walk in the morning or when you stand up after prolonged sitting. It usually disappears after 5–10 minutes of activity but recurs again following rest. It usually occurs on one side — but can be on both sides at same time.

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

The heel pain happens as a result of pressure or stress on plantar aponeurosis while walking in the morning or running when it is inflamed. Individuals above 40+ years, obese, athlete & women in late pregnancy often experience bouts of plantar fasciitis.

Benefits of Plantar Fasciitis Boot in Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain (plantar fasciitis) is a very miserable situation as it limits the mobility due to severe pain when you begin to walk. Painkillers or topical NSAIDs are of no significant use (other than temporary pain relief), but the experience of using plantar fasciitis boot has brought a significant revolution in reducing heel pain and accelerating the process of healing. They are designed to reduce pressure or bumps on the sole of the foot while walking, thus preventing the wear and tear process of plantar fascia and easing it to heal faster. The plantar fasciitis boot can be worn easily in daily routine.

Mechanism of Plantar Fasciitis Boot in Healing

  • Plantar fasciitis boot is designed to keep the foot at a 90-degree angle to the shinbone, which places a sustained stretch on the plantar fascia.
  • They have soft pad, contoured posterior shell that provides passive dorsiflexion to help treat plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.
  • Prolonging stretch by plantar fasciitis boot overnight helps hold the plantar fascia in a better position for healing.
  • Plantar Fasciitis Boot for night to be worn on either the left or right foot or both.

Types of Plantar Fasciitis Boot

There are several types of plantar fasciitis boot available that help you in enhancing the healing process:

1. Pro-Tec Athletics Soft Night Splint

The Soft Splint provides relief from Plantar Fasciitis (pain and tightness in the arch and achilles tendon). Combines the benefits of a compression sock with the stability of a traditional night splint. Breathable compression provides stimulating massage to the calf and achilles tendon. Firm insoles offer stability to hold foot in place throughout the stretching period. 

2. Surround Gel Ankle Brace 

Gel braces possess rigid thermoplastic shells with adjustable heel strap to help prevent inversion/eversion. Air and gel bladder may be used for cold therapy to treat tender or swollen ankles. This plantar fasciitis boot is suitable for wear from acute to active phases of ankle recovery and rehabilitation.

3. Heel Medical Boot

Soft heel plantar fasciitis boot acts as protection pillows for your heels from developing ulcers, pressure sores and are excellent for those recovering from heel injuries. These heel cushions will help relieve discomfort, promote recovery and improve overall comfort for you.

4. United Ortho Short Air Walker

Shock-absorbing insoles reduce impact of heel strike when walking. Rocker sole helps promote a natural gait to allow continuation of daily activities.

5. Rigid Plantar Fasciitis Boot 

Rigid plantar fasciitis boot is used for night. It is hard on the outside but soft on the inside, this plantar fasciitis boot provides sustained pressure on the sole of foot and prevents any kind of jerk injury while asleep. It is covered by soft straps to easily secure the foot.

6. Walking Boot for Plantar Fasciitis

If wearing a night plantar fasciitis boot isn’t enough to prevent pain during the day, a plantar fasciitis boot or shoe may be needed for walking. Plantar fasciitis boot for day enables one to stand and move about for an extended period of time without allowing either the heel or the forefront of the foot from coming in contact with a surface that could produce pain. They also prevent the wear and tear of plantar fascia while walking.

Plantar Fasciitis Boot Reviews

All you have to do is, measure the size of your foot according to the size chart available at sites and buy it online according to your need. You can also get it from any surgical instrument’s outlet-in store nearby you. Specialized designers are also present in markets for preparation of plantar fasciitis boot in custom size and design.

The most important question that arises in mind is, plantar fasciitis boot really helpful in reducing the heel pain. So, to build your trust in this product, we are going to share the experience of certain customers from a renowned website amazon:

a. I noticed a great relief in morning heel pain after the first night of wearing this plantar fasciitis boot. After several days, I finally believe that my plantar fasciitis is going to be healed by using this boot. Yes, I do stretch, taping and massage, and will continue to do so, but this is a game-changer. It securely holds your foot in a neutral position while you sleep to allow the fascia to heal properly.

b. I have a recurring case of plantar fasciitis, which hits about every 5 years. Due to the pandemic, I’m working at home and was able to limit my walking until I got into physical therapy. My podiatrist didn’t prescribe a plantar fascia boot, but my physical therapist suggested that it might help with early morning pain. Despite reading all the negative reviews, and acknowledging that these are not returnable, I took a chance and ordered this brace. Glad I did. This boot is as comfortable as reasonably possible – after 2 nights, I was sleeping through to the morning. The plantar fasciitis boot holds my foot at ninety degrees and I wake with much less pain.


Plantar fasciitis boot improves the life quality of an individual suffering from plantar fasciitis. It provides comfort while walking as well as during sleep. The use of plantar fasciitis boot should be promoted to help people in managing heel pain–plantar fasciitis.


Q. Does wearing a boot help with plantar fasciitis?

Ans. Yes! One of the best ways to heal your plantar fascia is by wearing a plantar fasciitis boot.

Q. Shall we sleep in a plantar fasciitis boot?

Ans. Yes! You can sleep in night splints available for plantar fascia. They help you in healing the inflamed plantar fascia and give you immense relief from morning walk pain.

Q. How do you cure your heel fast?

Ans. Wear plantar fasciitis boot with cushioned heels and good arch support.