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New Final Fantasy XIV North American Servers Added Before Dawntrail Expansion

The Final Fantasy 14 new worlds are being added to the game’s Dynamic Data Center on June 11th, which includes the Final Fantasy 14 new worlds, including Cuchulainn, Golem, Kraken, and Rafflesia. These new worlds are being added ahead of the FFXIV Dawntrail expansion to counteract the congestion on the server. Hence there will be no long queues anymore. So, buy FFXIV gold to get your hands on the equipment you need to enjoy the game without any boundaries.

The FFXIV Dawntrail expansion will begin on July 2nd, with early access for players who will pre-purchase this update of the game by June 28th. Hence, we recommend reading the FFXIV job guide to remain updated with what comes with this new update as additions to the game.

Final Fantasy XIV North American Servers

As an effort to overcome some of the mis-happenings during the recent events, the Final Fantasy 14 New Worlds are being added to the Dynamic Data Center. The FFXIV servers have been live since June 11th, which has brought the total number of new Worlds to Eight. This is the same count as many of the other servers in Final Fantasy 14. The developers are adding these new worlds in the game in the hope of increasing the population of players across the FFXIV Dawntrail Expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV North American Servers were added before Dawntrail Expansion

Here are some of the details on the FFXIV Dawntrail Expansion that is part of the North American Data Center Expansion:

The following four new worlds were added to the dynamic data center on June 11th as part of the new FF14 server update.

Perks that You Will Receive With the Update

As discussed on the FF14 World Population Balancing Incentives page, players who are looking to get characters in these worlds or are willing to use the free transferring service to migrate to an existing character will get a couple of benefits for themselves. Each new character purchaser will receive 10 silver chocobo feathers, a million Gil, and 15 days of free playtime. On the other hand, those who have transferred characters will get 10 gold Chocobo feathers, as well as a gil reimbursement for the apartments or safe houses they own in the game.

In addition to all these perks for transferring and buying new characters, players will also receive twice as much of the experience gains until the time they approach level 80 of their first job. These characters on the FFXIV servers will qualify for the bonus rounds for up to 90 days once they reach a certain threshold of the population.

Even though adding new worlds seems like a good thing, many players have concerns about the new dynamic FFXIV server of the game. The data center population is already at the mid-range, and adding new worlds seems pointless to some players. Nevertheless, it is developing hype for the game that we are going to see in the near future.

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