The VERTU’s Ai Smartphone Breathes a Higher Definition Life.

Here is the VERTU’s Ai Phone’s time to shine – an impressive phone that not only astonishes with its design but also core innovation and opulence. Pre-orders are already available; secure yours now and be part of the first batch to acquire this opus.

Unparalleled Connectivity

VERTU Ai Phone guarantees a carrier to suit any location in the world thanks to band support flexibility. With NR:We have SAMOSA, NANA SAMOSA, PHILADELPHIA DELIGHT, TIMBALEE DELIGHT, UMATILEME, GABA GHANA and CDMA CONNECTIVITY so that you’ll never miss out on a call nor connections. If you are in the city or traveling overseas, 3 in 1 will assist you in staying connected easily.

Powerful Performance

VERTU Ai Phone is powered by xdlp New Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 6 Gen2+ Chip for seamless and power saving performance. Quickly move between tasks, instantaneously load apps, and smoothly glide around the user interface. Offering 12GB RAM LPDDR 5X + 512GB ROM, this smartphone will provide you with more internal space for storing your most beloved apps, images, or videos.

Stunning Display

The 1. Upgraded 5K 1260×2800 OLED 120Hz display gives the users an engrossing viewing experience and the secondary Flexible 2D straight screen makes it more stylish and up to date. Be stupefied about vivid colors, sharp typeface, and an amazingly compelling graphic interaction. The 6. This 78-in screen is ideal for you to watch a movie, surf the internet or play games on the way to your destination.

Exceptional Camera

The setup includes the following main camera options: 35mm 50M megapixels sensor, 50M Wide Angle with AF, 8M OIS telephoto, and a multi-spectral sensor, enabling users to establish great, sharp photos. One may notice the difference in scenes and portraits as each is unique and distinguished. The mini snapguides with 1-inch outsole and 16MP front camera are capable of taking high-definition selfies and videos.

Long-Lasting Battery

With 5100 mAh(Typical) battery (Full charged), it provides all-day power, and 65W fast charging fills the battery when needed. Forget about worrying, the device offers you unlimited usage time. The USB Type-C 3. 1(GEN1) plus nano + nano slots are able to help you charge easily and connect fast.

Additional Features

Flexible 2D straight screen

USB Type-C 3. 1(GEN1)

Nano + nano slots

Experience the Ultimate Luxury

VERTU Ai Mobile is an outstanding embodiment of dazzling jewelry and innovative technology in luxury. Through its outstanding graphics, both internal and exterior design and subtle craftsmanship, this is definitely the only phone type that always manages to attract a lot of attention. Please thwart the inevitability of losing this gorgeous piece of gadget when it is still available. Let VERTU introduce their Ai Phone with the latest technology and unprecedented quality. You are able to put your order in now.

Final Thought

This VERTU Ai, coming soon to a store near you, is not just a slide phone – it’s an adventure. Sleek design, great display, new features, and other unmentioned features whereby the device will change the world work, communication and play. The present opportunity is there for you to grab, encompassing the latest technology of mass computing. Pre-booking the most superior luxury and the finest technology at present is confirmed by ordering now.

Short FAQ:

Q: Did you create an iOS, Android or any programming language at all for VERTU Ai Phone?

A: Android 12

Q: Do they include a headphone jack on the phone?

A: No, it is included with the standard USB-C earbuds.

Q: How does the phone stand up to humidity and is it able to swim?

A: RIght, it has an IP68 rating.

Q: I’m curious, how long does the battery last?

A: Up to 2 days on a regular basis of use.

Q: Could I have an upgrade path to increase the storage?

A: No, 512GB is enough for the consumption of people while most people.

Q: The price of cell phones is:

A: The entry price is $1,299 but with the introduction of a more affordable model in the near future, we are confident that more consumers will have access to the benefits of clean and renewable energy.

Q: When is the phone-be-the-available?

A: We are accepting Pre-orders starting now and shipping begins March 15th.

Q: What color of the phone would you want?

A: Deep space gray, astral green, and delicate snow white

Q: Is the phone equipped with a fingerprint reader?

A: Certainly, this display fingerprint is equipped with an under-display screen scanner.

Q: If I take into account the five G and these phones one can says the following.

A: No, and support for sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G network frequencies.

Q: Is my mobile phone fitting within my network?

A: It also works with large carriers that operate abroad, for which you should ask your carrier.

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