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What Does a Family Dentist Do?

A family dentist provides oral health care for both kids and adults. They are trained to help with dental needs involving your child’s first tooth or their permanent teeth. Family dentistry focuses on assisting every member of the family to have good oral hygiene habits, from providing brushing tips to performing professional dental cleanings. Here are some of the services offered by qualified family dentists:

Performs Oral Examinations

To promote comprehensive oral health, the dentist performs oral examinations and keeps records for each family member. During the oral examination, the family dentist looks for dental-related issues like mouth sores, cavities, or gum disease. This preventive dentistry service helps decrease the chances of developing worsening dental-related illnesses.

Working with a family dentist can make getting effective treatment easier because the dental practitioner knows your dental history. If you have past dental sensitivities, illnesses, allergies, or surgeries, the dentist will have all of that information on his records. This allows the dentist to offer the most suitable dental treatment based on the dental history. The oral health practitioner can also notice any new symptoms during your next checkup, enabling them to take prompt action. If the issue has a genetic component, the dentist can look for signs of the issue in each family member.

Offers Routine Dental Cleanings

Dental patients undergo regular cleanings to remove tartar or plaque buildup. Regular brushing and flossing are recommended but may not remove tartar buildup alone, which is why visiting a family dentist is beneficial. The oral hygiene professional will clean the teeth and look for any dental problems that require treatment. If they find a problem, they can create a treatment plan and discuss it with you for your approval.

Handles Emergency Dental Issues

Dentists provide assistance when you or a member of the family experiences toothaches or other significant dental problems. If a tooth chips or breaks, you may require urgent dental care to resolve the issue. Other issues that require prompt care include abscesses, swelling, and lost fillings. A dental professional can offer emergency treatment services to alleviate pain and take care of your teeth.

Offers Cosmetic Procedures

Some family dental practitioners can provide teeth whitening and dental veneers to family members looking to improve the appearance of their smiles. Teeth whitening brightens your smile, while the dental veneer addresses various cosmetic issues such as misshapen teeth and discoloration. After revealing the pros and cons of each procedure, the dentist can help you select the right one.

Provides Education and Dentistry Updates

Family dental practitioners educate patients on proper oral hygiene practices, including brushing techniques, flossing methods, and the benefits of regular dental check-ups. They can help you choose a toothpaste for each family member. The oral health practitioner offers updates regarding the family’s dental health and reveals the latest technologies, practices, and methods that can help improve overall dental care. They are also able to answer questions about specific dental needs or conditions, such as caring for braces or managing oral health during pregnancy.

Visit a Family Dentist

A family dental provider can perform oral examinations, clean teeth, and handle emergency issues. Partnering with a reputable dentist provides enhanced care and convenience, allowing you to monitor your family’s dental health. Contact a dental practitioner today to learn more about their services.

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